07 September 2008

Mushroom Season

Berry Season has come and gone, and 'tis the season for mushrooms!!!

Nico was kind enough to invite us to go mushroom hunting with him this weekend. So Nico, his two daughters: Annika and Saskia, Daniel, Lukas, Anne, and I went seeking for mushrooms, deep in the forest, where trolls live. Doesn't the picture of Annika (above) look as if it could be straight out of a fairy tale?

Looking for chanterelles was like searching for gold. Among the thick green moss, it lay hidden. When you see a glimmer of gold, sometimes it's fools gold--fallen yellow birch leaves. But sometimes when you see bright orange from afar, you know you've got it. Gold! Chanterelles!

Is this a beauty?!?

Below is Daniel with a handful of chanterelles. After a couple of hours in the forest, we had over 10kg or 20lbs of mushrooms. Pretty crazy, huh?

Anne lined up some of the prettier mushrooms for a photo session.

Here she is, pretending to eat the huge king boletus that's as big as her head.

Chanterelles are my favorite, by far. Don't they look heavenly? They are so flavorful!

I love, love, love chanterelles!

Many kisses to lovely chanterelles before they are eaten. Yum!

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michelle said...

first berry picking and now mushroom hunting! how fun and delicious!! (p.s. your short hair is super cute.) :D