03 August 2008

Atlanterhavsveien: The Atlantic Ocean Road

In order to get to our cottage in Skotten, we had to take a stretch of road on Highway 64 called Atlanterhavsveien. So what's all the fuss about this road that it even deserved its own blog? Well, this Atlantic Ocean Road was voted "Norwegian Construction of the Century" in 2005.

If you think that this may have been a biased laudation by the Nords, think again. Even the Guardian has ranked Atlanterhavsveien first on its list of world's best road trips. And in my absolutely biased opinion, it really was the most scenic road I've ever traveled.

The perfectly arched bridges connecting the small islands are so modernly picturesque. I love it! But I could not believe the number of people fishing on these bridges. It seemed so dangerous, not only for the avid anglers but also for the inattentive drivers enjoying the scenic view that the road has to offer. It is no wonder then that even the brochures on Atlanterhavsveien warns of "cods and fisherman landing on your windscreen"--no joke.

Nathaniel was rather responsible; not wanting to create a traffic hazard, he opted to go fishing on one of the skerries. However, there was a price to pay for being such a model citizen: no fish.

I didn't mind that we didn't have fish for dinner. I was just grateful to have spent the day there, taking in the full 360° of beauty surrounding me while relaxing and reading a good book. (This picture may look posed, but I was totally unaware of Anne taking the photo. I was simply engrossed by the book and the nature around me. )


Dennis said...

i love how 3 words can be squished to one. everything is so picturesque!!

jiyeon said...

If you like the word "Atlanterhavsveien," Dennis, you'd love the word "langbuksevær," which literally means "long-pants-weather" used to describe cold gray days. :)