05 November 2008


I went to my first concert in Norway to see a great Norwegian band, Madrugada, a band that Anne introduced me to.

The evening kicked off with 0.5 L of good ol' Norwegian beer at the Student Center. (And if you thought I had a low tolerance for alcohol before... well, let me tell ya, it's gotten worse here! But that's another story.)

Studentersamfundet is pretty cool place for students to hang out. During the academic year, it has 10 bars, a cinema, and a great venue for live music. The concert hall, where Madrugada played, reminded me of Chicago's Congress Theater but better--a bit more intimate and "koselig."

There was no opening band--just pure Madrugada for two hours. It was awesome!

The singer, Sivert Høyem, is totally dreamy and has the sexiest voice. Yes, I heart him.

And in my usual concert-going tradition, I scored a copy of the set list and, this time, a guitar pick to boot! It was a great night.

Just wish more bands would come to Trondheim....

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